Code of Ethics

1.General Principles
1.1.Preamble – The Group
The Del Sorbo Family has been working in the shipbuilding commercial and industrial sectors for over 30 years. I.D.A.L. Group is a consortium company, led by successful Neapolitan entrepreneur Antonio Del Sorbo and established thanks to the company’s consolidated expertise that combines traditional values with a fast update to global market evolution. IDAL GROUP is the parent company of a group of businesses specialized in designing, implementing and maintaining special technological systems for the shipbuilding, household and industrial sectors.
The company’s mission focuses on:
  • EProviding high-quality products, services and processes by streamlining the production process, constantly monitoring all the manufacturing stages and checking all company’s flows along with their performance indicators;
  • Gaining greater competitiveness by continuously relying on highly skilled partners;
  • Continuous innovation by constantly investing in know-how and technology, which allows growing hand in hand and adapting to the quick changes in the market.
From this point of view, the company felt the need to make all its applications accessible by integrating information with resources, regardless of their geographical or logical position. To this purpose, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system has been implemented: any remarkable business process, such as sales, purchases, stock control system, accounting information, has been included in applications to help corporate managers continuously check and trace all the activities such as orders, services, stocks, finance and human resources. It also allows applications to combine with those of partners, suppliers and customers. The competitive advantage is therefore obvious: all concerned business stakeholders work in an integrated standard environment, regardless of the application area.
1.2 Business Ethical Approach
Idal Group S.c.a r.l. firmly believes that an ethical approach to business fosters a successful business activity and helps give reliability, fairness and transparency to any company’s performance to fulfil its institutional mission. In order to protect its activities, image, fairness and reliability reputation acquired over the past thirty years business presence, Idal Group S.c.a r.l. urges its stakeholders, managers, staff members, external consultants, partners, suppliers, customers, users, administrations and any other involved party to focus on complying with the main moral principles of fairness, consistency and honesty in business activities. The company aims to establish both within and outside the company a shared culture to fulfil the corporate mission both economically and socially, complying with the ethical and moral principles adopted by the company and in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 concerning corporate liability..
The Code of Ethics and Conduct of Idal Group S.c.a r.l. aims to fulfil the general principles of Corporate Ethics that all stakeholders must adhere to and enforce over the daily activities of the Group, in order to fulfil and meet the corporate mission properly and efficiently, in such a global competitive complex manufacturing and service-providing field.
The Code of Ethics and Conduct:
  • Sets out principles, rights, duties and responsibilities of the Companies of the Group towards all with whom they come into contact in their professional capacity to fulfil the social mission;
  • Aims to establish reference standards and behavioural rules, whose target is strengthening and supporting its decision-making process and guiding the conduct of the whole group as well as the main external partners.
Thus, the Code of Conduct requires all managers, the corporate staff, the other co-workers and the external consultants to adopt consistent behaviours, i.e. actions that do not conflict with the ethical principles established in the Corporate Code of Conduct.
All addressees or users of the Corporate Code of Conduct shall abide by the rules herein contained in their corporate positions to represent the companies of the Group before private or public bodies, administrations, associations and various organizations, customers, suppliers as well as in any B2A, B2B, and B2C relationship. Moreover, Idal Group hopes the compliance with the Code will foster a further cohesion among its addressees or users, and make them aware and mindful, as for their roles and responsibilities, to fulfil the corporate aims over the several business activities with proper, fair and transparent methods.
Therefore, the Code should not be regarded as a non-editable, unchanging and statutory paper, yet a changing driving working tool prone to amendments and additions that could come from the experience and the changes undergone both within the company and outside, and possibly completed by the expertise gained in the relationships with the stakeholders over time. It all aims to ensure full consistency of leading values held and encouraged by the Company with the acquired and carried out behaviour and working practices. Every staff member, as well as every employee or external consultant has received or will receive a copy of the Code of Conduct upon his/her appointment, hiring or starting of consultancy and working relationship. The Group is committed to spreading this Code among all directly and indirectly concerned stakeholders and to communicating, with the best means, any amendment and/or revision; the addressees can also read it online or download it from the corporate website.
1.3 Obligations of Management
All Administrators, Managers and/or Department Managers/ Supervisors of the group’s Companies are responsible for:
  • Setting a good example with their behaviour from the ethical and behavioural point of view to their subordinates and/or co-workers;
  • Guiding the employees in the Code compliance;
  • Doing their best to let the staff understand that the Code’s rules compliance plays a key role in the quality of job performances;
  • Reporting promptly to his/her immediate supervisor about information directly acquired or supplied by employees concerning rules violations, if any;
  • Implementing promptly adequate corrective measures, if required;
  • Preventing any kind of retaliation against subordinates who abide by the Code or report a violation.
1.4 Obligations of Employees
All employees of the administrative, accounting, technical and/or operational offices are required to know the principles included in the Code of Conduct, as well as the in-company and external reference standards that rule the concerned activities.
Moreover, the employees shall:
  • Comply with the rules of the Code actively and refrain from adverse behaviours
  • Contact their immediate supervisors for assistance in interpreting and implementing the rules of the Code;
  • Report promptly to their immediate supervisors about any information acquired concerning violation of the Code or any request received to violate it
  • Cooperate fully in the investigation of violations, if any
The rules of the Code of conduct form an integral part of the employees’ contract duties, consistently with the laws of the country in which the Group operates. Each company of the Group assesses adverse behaviours that conflict with the principles of the code from the regulatory point of view and imposes sanctions according to the violations
1.5 Applicability of Code to Third Parties
Regarding third parties, such as external consultants, contractors, partners, suppliers, agents, customers, consultants and public administrations as for the tasks assigned, the company shall:
  • Provide proper information about the commitments and obligations established by the Code
  • Require duty compliance in their performance
  • Implement required actions in case third parties fail to comply with the obligations and the rules of the Code, in accordance with the following paragraphs 5.4 and 8.3.