General terms and conditions of sales


1. Definitions

In these “General Terms and Conditions of Sale”, the following words will have the following meanings:

“Contract” means any written agreement between the parties concerning supply, maintenance, repairs or changes performed by the Seller, including any document, appendix, review or addition to the above mentioned document;

“Purchaser” means a person who buys, purchases or enters into or signs a contract/a purchase order for the supply, maintenance, repairs or changes of any complex system and equipment for the maritime, industrial, commercial and military sector;

“Equipment and System/s” means any component or system of components subject to supply, maintenance, repairs or changes by the Seller, based on a contract/purchase order received;

“Carelessness or Gross Negligence” means any act or omission that results in a failure or inefficiency with severe consequences that the other party in the contract could have reasonably anticipate or detect or any intentional action that disregard the effects that this act or omission could exert;

“Written or in Writing” means any document, letter, notice, fax, e-mail, telegram or phonogram duly signed and initialled by the parties;

“Parts subject to wear and tear” means parts of equipment or systems subject to replacement over scheduled or preventive maintenance plan. The contract shall set forth clearly these parts and their relevant replacement periods, especially concerning limited life parts;

“Service or Maintenance Visit” means visit performed by the Seller’s technicians for the purpose of scheduled maintenance, repairs or changes, as regulated by the Contract;

“Supply” means delivery of spare parts required for maintenance, repairs or changes and/or Provision of Service for maintenance, repairs or changes.

“Seller” means all Companies of the Idal Group Group.