General terms and conditions of sales


11. Liability and Compensation

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Contract and except as required by law, IDAL Group Scarl will not be liable for indirect and/or consequential special damages or losses, if any, such as but not limited to loss of revenues, use, power, speed, capital costs or costs of powers or replacement performance. In compliance with the Contract/Purchase Order, in no event Idal Group liability shall exceed 15% of the contract price, per each type of damage, including the amounts due for settled claims, fines and termination damages resulting from warranty, tort (negligence included), absolute liability, contract, compensation or other. Moreover, the Purchaser will have no right to any compensation above the aforementioned liability limit by virtue of an agreement, offsetting or in any other way. This remedy will be the only compensation for the Purchaser/Customer.