General terms and conditions of sales


14. Travelling Expenses & Waiting Time

The Purchaser shall refund all travelling expenses including food and accommodation for each member of the IDAL Group’s maintenance and repairs staff concerning the repairs and services included in the Contract/Purchase Order from their departure until their return. These expenses include but are not limited to harbour entrance and exit charges, flight expenses (economy class if available; otherwise, business class) accommodation, awayday, laundry, tips, taxi fees and/or other transport fees required to reach headquarters, accommodation facility and working sites. Waiting and travelling time will be charged to the Purchaser and will be calculated starting from departure from the IDAL Group offices or workshop, and as the case may be, to arrival at the place where services will be performed. The same will apply to IDAL Group staff’s return travelling time. The applicable fees will be the fees in force at the time of the signature/issue of the Contract/Purchase Order. Alternatively, the Purchaser will supply on their own responsibility and at their own expenses the travelling tickets, food and accommodation with suitable and appropriate solutions, as if they were their own staff.