General terms and conditions of sales


21. Records and Audit

To the extent that the Seller is producing material or performing services specifically for the Purchaser, or if the Seller is performing work on the Purchaser’s premises or is performing work for the Purchaser outside the Purchaser’s premises, the Seller shall keep records as follows:

  1. The Seller shall keep accurate daily records for all work performed, and upon request, it shall provide copies to the Purchaser.
  2. The records shall include the hours worked by each employee, the type of work performed, the time cost, equipment and materials used and any other cost item claimed by the Seller or for which the Purchaser shall have reimbursed the Seller.
  3. The Purchaser has the reasonable right to check, inspect and audit such records and work during regular business hours.
  4. The Seller shall keep these records for 12 months after the completion or the termination of the Contract/purchase order.