General terms and conditions of sales


26. Safety at Work

IDAL Group Scarl complies with a strong and secure set of procedures for safety at work. These procedures include the abidance by workplace health and safety national and local laws and the Purchaser’s workplace safety standards. The Purchaser shall supply safe working conditions and information concerning any danger on their sites, as well as the related risks, before starting any work in each place in their control. IDAL Group S.c.a.r.l staff has the right to stop any work in case of safety risks due to unsafe working conditions. All works shall be performed in such a manner as to not interfere too much with the Purchaser’s operations or the Ship-owner and the charterer’s work or the other suppliers in the concerned premises. The Seller shall take every precaution to protect premises and people from damages or injuries, through any necessary precaution, device or procedure required to prevent work injuries and accidents, pursuant to applicable laws and provisions. The Seller shall work together with the Purchaser to draft and fill in any required documentation and application provided by laws and regulations. At all times during the performance of the contract/purchase order, the Seller shall keep the premises clean and free from accumulation of waste material and rubbish. Upon completion of works, the Seller shall remove all tools, equipment, materials and waste for which they are responsible and bring back the existing systems that they had disrupted to their original condition.