General terms and conditions of sales


7. Gifts, Events, Travels

The Seller’s employees or relatives shall not ask for or accept gifts, favours, loans or similar advantages or benefits from external people who carry on or may carry on business with the Seller. The Seller shall not accept or offer ad and promotional articles that exceed the value of € 50.00, occasional meals, parties or entertainment events that exceed € 75.00 per occasion, provided that they cannot reach the total amount of € 150.00 in a calendar year. Cash gifts, cheques, and presents with an investment value such as stocks, bonds, etc. with a value that exceed € 150.00 are strictly prohibited. In particular, these restrictions also apply to the following Seller’s employees:

  1. Employees who receive purchase orders or approve contracts with the Purchasers, employees who have relationships with or issue purchase orders for suppliers and/or subcontractors;
  2. Employees involved in the selection, recommendation and approval of suppliers;
  3. Employees who receive goods or carry out assessments or inspections of the work performed by the supplier or follow quality control procedures;
  4. Technicians, engineers, supervisors or employees with technical roles;
  5. Employees who assess suppliers’ offers, pay invoices or receive payments by customers.

None of the parties shall in no case accept or offer, urge or donate any sum of money by any of the Purchaser’s employees with the nature of a secret mark-up, illegal misconduct or corruption in order to do or carry on business, enter into a contract, win a purchase order or gain any advantage. In addition, none of the Seller’s employees shall accept loans from any person or organization that has or carries on business relationships with the Purchaser, except recognised financial institutions at applicable standard interest rates at the time of the loan. Any action by the Seller or their employees to infringe or lead to infringe the aforementioned provisions will result in the immediate termination of the agreement.