About US

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The Del Sorbo family has been working in the maritime commercial and industrial sectors since 1985. In 2015, the company celebrated its 30-year anniversary, with its historic leader and founder Antonio Del Sorbo, successful Neapolitan entrepreneur.
His history and roots can be found in a small town near Naples, Casola di Napoli, where he was born in 1949 the fifth of nine children, in a patriarchal family of farmers and agricultural traders.
His life started from the bottom: he worked for several businesses, in both public and private sectors. In August 1976, he married Rosalia Di Lorenzo. The couple had five children, who originate the five stars of the corporate logo that Antonio Del Sorbo conceived.
Self-motivated, he set up a transport company of building and construction materials in 1980. In 1985, determined to take the challenge, he decided to set up a building company, mainly for the private sector, with his strong entrepreneurial spirit and an excellent nose for business. Later on, the business grew for a further local market penetration of the shipbuilding industry.
Seriousness and honesty, along with his powerful communication skills and the complete lack of barriers towards his staff the key of his business success that started slowly but grew stronger over time.
He was able to get to modern leadership concepts with no coaching, through a very personal and successful entrepreneurship model of doing business.
A motivated team of talented professionals who embraced the corporate vision and mission supported the growth of the company. Anna, Domenico and Gabriele, his three children, joined and strengthened the team.
The company opened the doors to new horizons and overseas challenges. The first international branch, Idal Group Canada inc., was set up in April 2016 with the strategic aim of bringing “made in italy” concept to the Canadian shipbuilding market.
The Del Sorbo group strength lies especially in its operational seat, the headquarters located in Casola di Napoli. Here, the family is working with passion at the forefront, together with a close-knit and motivated team.

Mission & Vision

We share a Mission, we want to do business starting from our region, Campania, with passion and tenacity in our minds to fulfil the most ambitious goals, including “adding value”.
We do not think that our company is owned by us. Instead, we believe that it is a driving force for the development of the local area and the whole country.
IDAL GROUP was set up to gather and foster the experience gained over time in designing, implementing and maintaining special technological systems in the shipbuilding, household and industrial sectors.
The flexibility of our organization allows the company to adjust to the new market demands, and effectively and efficiently meet any customer’s need.
Our mission includes:

  • Quality of products and optimization of manufacturing processes – we constantly monitor all production stages.
  • Competitiveness – we rely on top partners.
  • Innovation – we continuously invest in know how to ensure that growth goes hand in hand with the sector’s quick changes.

From this point of view, in such an ever-changing globalized market, the company felt the need to make all its applications accessible, regardless of their geographical or logical position, using technology intensive integrated solutions. Any remarkable corporate process, including sales, purchases, stock control system, accounting information, has been included in applications to help business managers continuously check and track all business activities, which can also be combined with different partners’ applications.