Equipment and Systems

High specialization for technology-intensive solutions

Different and complementary very high skills in the shipbuilding commercial and industrial sectors enable us to carry out piping works in steel and carbon, in stainless steel, with New Technologies (Cunipress ®, Pressfitting ®, PP-R, etc.) and in fibre reinforced materials such as GRP, GRE, GRVE.16
We specialise in:

  • Taking measurements on site;
  • Developing layouts;
  • Prefabrication;
  • Building and supplying on site;
  • Taking endurance tests.

Cruise Barcellona 4For the maritime commercial and industrial sectors, we design and implement heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning systems. We also design and manufacture both hot water and steam heating systems for any capacity, as well as solar panels and collectors. Moreover, we also deal with the required procedures of the Italian National Institute for Prevention and Safety at Work (INAIL, formerly ISPESL).
As for air conditioning systems, we design and build maritime industrial (for example radiant heating) and commercial heating systems, primary or mixed (primary air + fan coil) air conditioning systems, split and VRV systems, heat pump systems, extraction and/or ventilation systems, etc. As for electrical supplies, we implement every kind of system (power installation, lighting systems, phone, intercom, and video surveillance systems, etc.).
We design and build MV substations, and in this field, we are authorised to certify any kind of system.
We are also expert in water treatment for processes such as softening, demineralization, reverse osmosis etc.