Maintenance, Repairs and Refitting

Preservation and restyling for cutting-edge solutions

We also carry out scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in both industrial and shipbuilding (on the quay, in port and at sea) sector.
Our Company is authorized to work in the main Italian harbours (Naples, Palermo, Salerno, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Savona, La Spezia, Genova, Ancona, Brindisi, Ravenna, etc.), in accordance with the article no. 68 of the Italian Navigation Code.20160308 132403

Our services include:

  • Manufacturing and maintenance of heating systems
  • Manufacturing and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Hull repairs
  • Steelworks
  • Piping systems
  • Fit-outs and maintenance of public areas, cabins, floors, catering areas, and refrigerated provision stores
  • Building and maintenance of composite decks, stairs, GRP, GRE and GRVE composite pipes
  • Hatch Cover Maintenance
  • Water and fumes disposal systems

5 Sunshine Refit13As the market focuses more and more on the makeover of existing vessels to adjust them to the new needs and to comply with the most

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recent laws, we also carry out refitting and scheduled or unscheduled maintenance for any kind of vessel.
We can rely on a highly skilled staff, ready to work in all the repairing areas located in several European harbours. We also set up a “travelling” fully equipped 40-foot workshop that is constantly operational to meet any national and international customer’s need.
We believe we have a responsibility to take care of our planet. As a part of our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we also implement ballast water management systems, as required by IMO regulation to be approved soon, "scrubber" systems, HFO-MGO "change-over" procedures to reduce air pollution, and retrofitting of refrigeration and air conditioning systems to replace old CFCs.