Ballast Water Management System Installation and Retrofit

As Finland ratified the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention, the threshold value of 35% of IMO member countries that approved the Convention has been reached. Thus, by 2018 all vessels calling at ports or without a waiver of obligation will be required to choose, plan and install their ballast water management system. Consequently, it is clear that the demand for systems and companies able to support ship owners in planning, designing, installing and managing BWMS will increase. This is why since 2014, with respect to industrial choices for the “Green Technology” development in the shipping sector, we have been working to develop planning, designing and installation capabilities for BWMSs. To this purpose, we made investments in 3D Scanning by purchasing tools (FARO FOCUS X330 Laser Scanner) and software (SCENE, AVEVA E3D and LASER MODELLER), able to make laser surveys of partial or full “Engine Rooms” to verify installation spaces and opportunities and develop a comprehensive 3D planning of the several retrofit installations.

ballastMoreover, a number of BWMSs has been carefully studied to position ourselves not only as independent designers and installers but also as consultants for the choice and the efficiency of systems for shipping companies that need a comprehensive “turnkey” service for the ballast water management. Moreover, we rely on suppliers of composite (GRP, GRE, GRVE) pipes to tackle all challenges and support any kind of system with the most cutting-edge technology.
Obviously, both Laser Scanning Technology and composite application, in particular for piping, can be applied to other operations and designs spanning from a makeover of piping lines (HFO, DO, BALLAST, COOLING, etc.) to Scrubbers / SCRs, let alone more “Green Technology” applications.
Our “Green Technology” knowledge has supported a number of BWMS retrofits, through site inspections, designs and cost estimates for far-seeing ship-owners as for the ballast water management problem and for shipyards involved in “Major Modification” works that included a BWMS. Some of these customers benefited from our know-how for the assessment and selection of the systems to adopt and, in particular, to select its placement and the overall dimension in the engine room; some others to assess a possible installation on “sister” or similar ships in order to standardize its application or just to carry out some viability studies in order to install the system later on after the first stop following the ratification of the Convention. However, we offer our customers with ships calling at Italian harbours a site inspection with a “Free of charge” 3D Laser Scan. If ships call at foreign ports, the Ship Owner will have just to provide flight tickets and accommodation on board.