Craftsmanship and flexibility to produce an excellent finished product


We fabricate heavy to light structural steelworks in our manufacturing workshops located in Casola di Napoli.Carnival vista
Our company specialises in providing outsourced semi-finished products and industrial components for a wide range of sectors.
Our consolidated experience supports the most important businesses of the industrial and maritime sector with a reliable customer-oriented service, established to build a successful partnership between client and supplier.

We cover the whole production process that meets the most stringent high quality requirements in each stage, as defined by our quality plan.
The use of CNCs allows our in-house “Service Centre” to meet any customer’s need.

  • Oxy-fuel gas cutting (Oxy-fuel gas welding and cutting equipment, manufactured by Sapio - effective cutting 12000x2500x250 millimetres with high definition and oxy-propane cutting hpr 260 Hypertherm generator)
  • Bending (Press brake, manufactured by Colgar with 400-ton press capacity. Maximum bending length: 6100 millimetres)
  • Punching (Punching machine, manufactured by EUROMAC, with MULTI TOOL, thickness range up to 8 millimetres)
  • Cutting (Shear, manufactured by Colgar, effective cutting 4000x10 millimetres)

The company, thanks to its long experience, set up a flexible and dynamic organization that is able to manage perfectly every single stage of the production cycle and ensure quick and successful solutions for our customers.
Along with manufacturing services, we also provide technical assistance and consultancy in designing products, developing implementation methods, and finding the best building solutions for the perfect finished product.

Our work plan includes the following stages:
F. A. Gauthier 1Structural Design
We develop the client’s design or idea to streamline its functionality, reduce costs and time while keeping the product‘s aesthetic appeal.
Our Engineering Department relies on cutting-edge software (AutoCad, MicroStation, SolidWorks etc.) to design, simulate and manufacture products.

Operation Launch/Monitoring/Production
After developing the relevant production sheets, our highly skilled staff starts the operations that will be constantly monitored over the whole cycle.
Moreover, a specific pre-assembly is made in the workshops to provide and ensure the best result for particularly complex steelworks.

Assembly and Handover Process CompletionNave da crociera 3
Finally, to complete the supply chain, we check quality and start the logistical process to hand over the buyer’s end product.
In case of a “turnkey” supply, including assembly and installation, we rely on highly skilled staff and handling systems, which allow us to assemble the product safely and independently.


We include maintenance services of finished products during the warranty period.


The company will assist the customer through the whole process, including paperwork required to start the project.